Before successfully joining the Discover Vodafone Graduate Programme, each applicant is taken through six stages and must successfully complete each stage to progress onto the next stage.

Stage 1: Register online
To register for the Discover Vodafone Graduate Programme, click here to fill an online application form and upload your CV and certificates

Stage 2: Online Test
If your online application is successful you will be set up to take an online quiz in Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning

Stage 3: Competency-Based Interviews
This is where we access how passionate you are about developing a career with us. We will ask you challenging questions to give us a better understanding of your motivations and your readiness for the programme.

Stage 4: Talent Simulation
This is an animated assessment that presents you with a realistic work environment and a realistic scenario that you may encounter on a day to day basis. You will be asked to listen in to a discussion on a work scenario and then make a choice on the course of action to be taken.

Stage 5: Assessment Centre
An Assessment Centre is a process where the candidates are observed based on demanding tasks simulations in a relatively safe environment. You will be asked to complete individual and group exercises, during which you will be observed by a number of specially trained assessors who will evaluate your performance against pre-defined competencies.

Stage 6: Offer and acceptance
After successfully completing the Assessment Centre, we will make you an offer to participate in our Discover Vodafone Graduate Programme which would be the beginning of your career with Vodafone.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please email us at: