On the Discover Programme, we offer opportunities to everyone irrespective of the programme offered in school. Check out the stories of some of our Discover Graduate Executives about their experiences on the programme

Joining the Discover Programme with a background in Agriculture didn’t seem like the right fit at first. Over the course of the year however, I have been given the opportunity to work in areas of the business that have inherently bridged the gap between my background and the telecommunications industry. The program hasn’t only given me a job; it has redefined and given me a new outlook on my career. I have been privileged to work with an amazing team both here and abroad who have been instrumental and supportive in my career development, ensuring that I had everything necessary to enable me contribute immensely to Vodafone's goals, while achieving mine. I am changing and impacting lives, thanks to the Discover Programme, and I am honoured to be a part of the Vodafone family.

Cephas Pobi, BSc Agriculture, Discover 2014/2015

Vodafone Ghana offers great opportunities to dedicated and talented young graduates irrespective of your field of study. You enjoy the same opportunities to realize your potential and ambitions, and your outcomes represent your efforts and abilities. Joining the program with a Biochemistry background, I naturally thought my opportunities in a telecommunications company would be limited. I have however been amazed at the wealth of opportunity available to me. The Vodafone Discover Programme has helped me unearth my innate strengths and set me on the path to becoming a formidable person in the world of business. Join the outstanding Vodafone team today and discover your way to excellence.

Henrietta Abbey, BSc BioChemistry, Discover 2014/2015

I am passionate about two things: Numbers and Technology. The Vodafone Discover Graduate Programme has offered me the opportunity to combine and follow both passions. Throughout my rotations I have worked in highly advanced analytical areas of the business, where I was given the opportunity to develop mathematical models and formulate business strategies. I have also been forced to leave my comfort zone by learning about product design and programming languages to develop web applications. My decision to join the Discover Programme was the right one for so many reasons. It has been a major first step for me in terms of personal development and carving out my career path. I couldn’t be happier with the positive impact it has made in the development of my skills, and I look forward to more exciting challenges.

Abdul Qadir Ibrahim, BSc Mathematics, Discover 2014/2015